Editorial Team

ORCiD Nir Hagigi, Editor in Chief

Nir Hagigi is an undergraduate student currently pursuing a Bachelor of Global and International Studies with a specialization in Global Development at Carleton University's Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs. His degree is accompanied by a minor in Environmental and Climate Studies. He is actively involved in the academic community in his role as the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Journal for the Academic Mind, where he is committed to promoting meaningful dialogue and diverse perspectives. Nir is interested in Middle Eastern and North African politics and conflicts. Additionally, he works as a public policy analyst at the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network, contributing his skills to support initiatives benefiting cancer survivors. More recently, Nir was invited to participate in the Canada Healthcare Innovation Summit, where he spoke on the panel titled Unlocking Access to Therapies and Medicines

Olivia Omoruyi, Associate Editor

Olivia Omoruyi is an undergraduate student currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management. With a specialization in Finance and Economics, as well as a minor in Philosophy, she possesses a diverse skill set that makes her a valued member of the team. In addition to her academic pursuits, Olivia takes an impactful role as the Vice President of Black Rotman Commerce, where she oversees the administration, organization, and success of BIPOC students. Her multifaceted involvement demonstrates her commitment to both professional and extracurricular excellence.

Hailey Baldock, Associate Editor

Hailey Baldock is an enthusiastic graduate student pursuing her Master of Arts in History at York University. She recently finished her undergrad at York University, earning a Bachelors degree in English and History. During her undergraduate career she dedicated her time volunteering as a Peer Academic Leader, where she assisted new students in adjusting to and mastering the skills needed to be successful in university and academia. Hailey also worked as a Peer Enrolment Assistant in the New Student Advising office for York’s Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies where she showcased her commitment to making university an exciting and accessible space for all students. With her love for the written word and passion for research, Hailey hopes to make a positive impact on the academic world and contribute to the development of new and emerging ideas.

Riley Mae Williamson, Director of Communications

Riley Mae Williamson is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies with a minor in Urban Studies at Carleton University. She has experience working in the Government of Canada in different positions, including as a Junior Communications Designer at Public Service and Procurement Canada and as a Digital/Data Specialist at Global Affairs Canada. Riley is particularly interested in exploring the intersectionality of her areas of study and examining how media and communication studies can be applied to various contexts beyond academia. With a passion for understanding the practical applications of her field and through her diverse experiences and academic pursuits, Riley aims to contribute to the field of communication and media studies while making meaningful connections between theory and practice.

Anya Niedermoser Roth, Editor

Anya Niedermoser Roth is a motivated undergraduate student currently enrolled at Carleton University pursuing a Bachelor of Global and International Studies with a specialization in Global and Transnational History and a minor in Environmental and Humanities Studies. With her involvement on the World University Service of Canada Carleton executive committee, Anya is devoted to helping advocate for others. Anya is a focused editor at CJAM and in this role, she promotes scholarly conversation and highlights articulate work. With a passion for international affairs, historical discovery, and worldwide environmental and human rights, she continues to make a meaningful impact both in academia and the outside communities.

ORCiD Christine Rose Cooling, Editor

Christine Rose Cooling is a dedicated graduate student pursuing her Master of Arts in Communication & Culture at York University and Toronto Metropolitan University. She recently completed her undergraduate degree at York University, earning a Honours Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Media Studies and receiving the Governor General's Silver Medal. She engaged in mental health advocacy for over three years in various leadership positions with the York chapter of Jack.org— a national organization with chapters across Canada dedicated to de-stigmatizing conversations surrounding mental health in academic communities and beyond. With her passion for advancing research in the Communications discipline, as well as her motivation to foster more equitable and inclusive academic environments, Christine is unwaveringly committed to accessible knowledge mobilization and contributing meaningfully to academic scholarship. 

ORCiD Ava Bizjak, Editor

Ava Bizjak is a determined undergraduate student pursuing her studies in Biochemistry at McMaster University. Ava is dedicated to exploring the vast realm of biochemistry and its potential pharmaceutical applications. Ava serves as an editor for the Canadian Journal for the Academic Mind, where she combines her passion for both science and writing. Recognized for her strong leadership skills, Ava actively engages in various organizations on campus including the Student Representative Assembly and the McMaster Biology Society. With her insatiable curiosity, commitment to leadership, and dedication to the scientific community, Ava is determined to make significant contributions to the field of biochemistry and beyond.

Haley Glass, Editor

Haley Glass is a driven undergraduate student at McMaster University currently pursuing a degree in Honours Biochemistry through the Faculty of Health Sciences. She actively contributes as an editor for the Canadian Journal for the Academic Mind, showcasing her dedication to effective communication. Haley’s commitment to the art of dance extends beyond her academic journey as she is a part of Mac Dance, a vibrant and diverse dance community on campus. Haley is deeply passionate about education and believes that everyone should have equitable opportunities for learning and growth. With her multifaceted interests and determination, Haley strives to make a positive impact in both her academic and personal endeavors.


Advisory Board

We are grateful to have an esteemed group of professors who generously lend their expertise and guidance to our publication. Our advisory board members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in various academic disciplines, ensuring the high standard and quality of the research we publish. They play a vital role in shaping the direction of CJAM and contribute significantly to our mission of fostering academic collaboration and excellence. 

ORCiD Dr. Anne F. MacLennan, Advisor

Dr. Anne MacLennan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and Media Studies at York University. She has a PhD from Concordia University and holds an MA and an Honours BA from McGill University. Currently, she is working on a book manuscript which is a study of the program listings of seven cities across Canada during the 1930s to explain the distinct element of local non-network radio and the changes across the country as national network radio is put in place in stages. The work is based a on a large data sample of newspapers, archival research, and other documentation.

One of Dr. MacLennan's latest book chapters is “Forming Networks: National Radio Networks − Public, State, and Commercial,” in Routledge Companion to Radio and Podcast Studies, edited by Mia Lindgren and Jason Loviglio. She will teach her 40th distinct course in 2023, has supervised more than 30 MA students to completion, 6 PhD students to completion, and one postdoctoral fellow.

Dr. Michelle MacDonald, Advisor

As a graduate of McMaster’s Biochemistry Undergraduate Program, Dr. MacDonald remained at McMaster and pursued a PhD in the Medical Sciences Graduate Program in the Faculty of Health Sciences, in the area of muscle biochemistry. Her PhD thesis focused on “The Regulation of Carbohydrate and Lactate Metabolism in Exercising Human Skeletal Muscle”. She continued with a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Waterloo, in the Department of Kinesiology, where her research focused on “Fatty acid transport proteins in skeletal muscle and adipose tissue of lean and obese patients and their role in the development of Type 2 diabetes”.

Currently, Dr. MacDonald holds the title of Teaching Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences at McMaster University. She is also the Co-Director for the Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences program—an esteemed joint initiative between the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering. Dr. MacDonald is particularly drawn to the Canadian Journal for the Academic Mind due to its commitment to fostering undergraduate research and facilitating discussions on the evolving global landscape.

ORCiD Dr. Mary Francoli, Advisor

Mary Francoli is an Associate Professor of Communication and Media Studies. She is also an Associate Dean and Director of the Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs. She holds a doctorate in Political Science from Western University. Prior to joining the School of Journalism and Communication, she was the Leverhulme Visiting Fellow in New Media and Internet Politics at Royal Holloway, The University of London. Dr. Francoli’s research looks at the relationship between digital media and issues related to politics and governance. While this is a large and diverse field, most of her research has focused on the way that digital mediahas impacted citizen engagement and mobilization, governance, and access to information and data.

Dr. Francoli is a leading researcher in the field of open government and open data. She has authored two major reports for the Open Government Partnership assessing the Government of Canada’s progress in the area of open government. She has provided expert testimony to the Standing Parliamentary Committee on Government Operations on the issue of open data and has been invited to speak about open government and open data at a number of conferences and venues.