bell hooks Intersectional Scholarship Award

The bell hooks Intersectional Scholarship Award stands as a testament to the profound impact of intersectional scholarship within academia. This award, which is presented biannualy with the publication of each of our issues, pays homage to the visionary ideals and unwavering commitment of bell hooks to fostering a more just and equitable world. Each recipient of this honour is chosen for their exceptional embodiment of hooks' ideals, as demonstrated through their submitted manuscript.

At the heart of this recognition lies the celebration of authors who not only embrace the complexities of intersecting identities and social systems but also push the boundaries of knowledge to unravel the intricate threads of oppression and privilege. These authors are pioneers, channeling hooks' profound insights into their work and promoting social justice in ways that challenge conventional paradigms.

The bell hooks Intersectional Scholarship Award symbolizes a commitment to scholarship that addresses the complex tapestry of human experiences, challenges the status quo, and contributes to the creation of a more inclusive and just world. It stands as a beacon of inspiration for scholars who, like bell hooks, envision academia as a powerful platform for shaping a better future.


For a list of the recipients of the bell hooks award, please click here