Open Access Policy

At CJAM, our dedication to open access publishing goes beyond a mere technicality. We firmly believe in the principle that all individuals, regardless of their institutional affiliation or financial status, should have equal access to research and information. This passion drives us to ensure that our articles are freely available to anyone with an internet connection. By embracing open access, we strive to create a more inclusive scholarly environment that promotes fairness, diversity, and equal opportunities for all.

Open access publishing not only removes the financial barriers associated with accessing research articles, but it also breaks down the logistical hurdles that often hinder knowledge dissemination. By making our publications freely available, we empower researchers, students, educators, policymakers, and the general public to engage with the latest findings and concepts in academia. This accessibility enables a wider audience to benefit from and contribute to the scholarly discourse, fostering a more inclusive and impactful research ecosystem.

We recognize the transformative power of open access in revolutionizing the way research is disseminated and communicated. By embracing this movement, we actively contribute to the democratization of knowledge and strive to bridge the gap between scholarly research and society at large. Through open access, we aim to foster greater collaboration, interdisciplinary exchange, and global dialogue among scholars. By breaking down the barriers imposed by traditional publishing models, we facilitate the flow of cutting-edge research and innovative ideas across disciplines, institutions, and borders.

For us, open access is not just a checkbox on our publishing checklist; it is a fundamental principle that underpins our mission and values. We are proud to be at the forefront of the open access movement, advocating for a more equitable and accessible scholarly landscape. We invite researchers, authors, readers, and all stakeholders in the academic community to join us on this journey towards open and accessible knowledge. Together, we can create a future where research is freely available to all, fostering collaboration, innovation, and the advancement of knowledge for the betterment of society.