From Primate Myth to Global Concern


zoonotic reservoir
healthcare disparities

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Khan, Isabella. 2023. “From Primate Myth to Global Concern: Understanding the Human Mpox Virus Pandemic”. Canadian Journal for the Academic Mind 1 (1). Ottawa, ON:171-85.


This analysis delves into the enigmatic nature of the Human Mpox Virus (formerly Monkeypox), a pathogenic virus that affects humans and has recently garnered attention due to its wide range of hosts and a global pandemic in 2022. Despite its misleading name, which implies primate transmission, the true origins and hosts of Mpox remain unknown, sparking debates about its classification and concerns about stigmatization. Through a thorough examination of the virus's historical emergence, clinical manifestations, evolving epidemiology, and transmission patterns, this analysis aims to provide valuable insights into this infectious disease. By understanding its complexities, effective control and prevention strategies can be developed. Mpox, belonging to the Orthopoxvirus species, shares genetic similarities with other poxviruses such as smallpox and cowpox. Early recognition of symptoms is vital for prompt diagnosis and isolation, as there is no permanent cure for Mpox. Preventive measures involve surveillance, early detection, isolation, and vaccination. By further exploring Mpox’s complexities, advancements can be made in controlling and preventing this infectious disease.
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