Mass Incarceration and Its Devastating Effects


criminal justice system

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Jong, Keana. 2023. “Mass Incarceration and Its Devastating Effects: Assessing the Ongoing Struggles of Prisoners, Families, and the Prison Environment”. Canadian Journal for the Academic Mind 1 (1). Ottawa, ON:19-29.


This research paper utilizes various sources from Canadian studies and firsthand accounts to identify the issues within penitentiaries and the Canadian criminal justice system. There are numerous pressing issues related to the handling, punishment, and sentencing of crime, many of which stem from racial injustice and underlying societal problems. Inmates endure harsh prison conditions and face barriers when trying to maintain connections with their families and friends. The mental well-being of prisoners is often overlooked, creating an unjust and unfavourable environment for Canadian citizens. The legal system requires reform and improvement to support individuals and promote rehabilitation effectively. Addressing these problems requires focusing on systemic injustices disproportionately affecting minorities and impoverished individuals. Studies have demonstrated that visitation and human contact contribute to law-abiding behaviour in criminals. Therefore, to enhance our criminal justice system, we must address the root causes of crime.
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